What’s in a Name?

Here I am starting out as Inkling & Wit.  Why that choice for name?  Why not Designs by Suzie?


Apart from my name not being any derivative of Susan, the choice of a branding a name can be daunting.  A semi permanent brand that if chosen poorly seems to have the stigma of a waking up with marker transferred to your face from the night before.

Identity is what really is behind a name.  As I’ve grown my identity has developed with me.  I took the name given to me and it has become me.  A business, brand or logo is different.  Yes, as the establishment grows so too does the identity of the brand, but a name in the business world starts all grown up already having some authority. I think that’s where the finality of choosing a brand comes in.

All the philosophy and hocus-pocus aside, I am delighted to be designing as Inkling & Wit.  I have had several months to mull over the name and I like it.  It sums up me and my designs, both literally and figuratively.

Literally:  I’m a printmaker, you’re printing paper both use ink. And my name is Whitney.  There you have it, ink and whit.

Figuratively:  Well, for now, that’s my secret.

What about you? Have you ever struggled coming up with a name, title for artwork,or anything?  How do you get over “writers block” for names?


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