New Found Love of Masks

I studied painting plein-air style living in France.  During that time my class took a field trip — a week painting in Venice.  Armed with our easels and brushes we roamed the canals capturing the views in paint.    There was also great food and lots of sightseeing… and boy, did I see some carnival masks.  Sure, there were your standard tourist variety but oh you could see some elaborate, highly detailed, crafted masks.  Ones I don’t know if I would have ever worn, but begged to be in my possession regardless.

In the US, other than Halloween, masks are not much a part of daily life.  But it’s said that a mask makes it easier to embolden yourself, to change your identity.  I have even heard of a new play called ‘Sleep No More’ where the audience moves through the multi-story set wearing masks. Masks are one of those things that has both good and bad connotations to them, but I’m focusing on the good; the ability to try something new.

At this point you’re probably asking yourself what any of this has to do with paper / scrapbooking / art.  I have a tutorial post coming out next week and I couldn’t find the imagery I wanted so I made my own.  I could have designed the artwork as digital stickers but I chose to make them as masks so they would be more versatile; in 5 years when my color palette changes or when i want to make the same thing for a different gender or age I can.  Take the image below for example.  I really like the neutral color scheme but I can see it in a pink flowery color scheme for a girl’s birthday party favor.  Come Tuesday, I’ll post the link to this dry erase board tutorial, so you can make your own!


You see, I’m new to digital scrapbooking.  I have known what masks are in Photoshop for a decade (or since they came out) but they have never been needed in the type of work I had been doing.  Turing any paper into a basic shape can embolden the scrapbooker.  They make trying out a new color scheme a breeze while extending the possibilities for the digital paper you already own.

For those of you more experienced scrapbookers do you like working with masks?  Or are they a trend for the newbie like me?


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