Working Together!

I’ve always liked taking the time to work together.  The conversations, ideas, and results most often astound me.  My most recent collaborative experience for Design House Digital was no different.  I was pushed to work with imagery and a concept I would have not approached if not for the collaboration: SPORTS!  While I played sports regularly and with some success when I was younger, it is not something that interests me now.  But… I do like to challenge myself, so I jumped on the chance to work with the talented designer, Jennifer Donegan of ImagineNation.  Together we came up with two paper kits.  Hers: Basketball.  Mine: Baseball.   Since there are always more ideas than time, we decided to extend the collaboration.  The basketball and baseball kits come out next Tuesday, February 26th.  Stay tuned for the next two installments in our ALLSTARS collaboration: cheerleading and swimming.


Collaboration has (most) always been fun for me, but I have the benefit of working on art collaborations.  I have found there is a much more balanced or maybe slightly narcissistic approach as pride is a strong motivation.  If you don’t pull your weight; your name is not going on the project.  What about you do you like working together? Does it push you to do better or do you seem to get burned?


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