Today is Opening Day (What’s to Come?)

openingWhew, take a deep breath and breathe!  Have you ever thought yes, I can do that, I have the time for it, no problem?  Then to find out time is never something you seem to have.  Well February felt like that once or twice getting ready to start selling digital paper at Design House Digital (DHD).  That is all past!  I am excited to announce the grand opening of Inkling & Wit: seller / designer / artist extraordinaire.  Ok, that’s not really my tag line, but getting to this day seems like a grand accomplishment.

I have a multitude of ideas for paper kits running through my head; now to get them into reality.  I have three projects that I will continue adding to for the immediate future.  If you follow DHD, you will also see my hand in the house party collaborations, the upcoming blog hop, and if artistic inspiration hits whatever else I think of.  But for now here’s what you can expect.

  1. Everyday Essentials– I asked myself what tools I would want in my digital arsenal.  Things that can work into the paper kits you already have and are theme neutral.  In my work off the computer I have a list of tools that are a must for my studio.  For me tools like, X-acto blade, center finding ruler, metal triangle, awl, and a japanese hole punch are a must.  I’m trying to translate this to the realm of digital paper craft.
  2. Destination Series– I love place, always have and always will.  So I started this series for me;  what papers would I want if I was scrapbooking place?  It might be cliche to say that memory is fleeting, but with the soft subtle colors and imagery that is what I tried to convey in these paper packs.  I launched destination beach and southwest papers today and have plans to include the forrest and the city.  On top of the papers there is a destination word art kit that blends seamlessly between the kits.  I opted to do it this way opposed place specific word art for versatility.  I like buying things that have multiple purposes, as a shopper I hope you appreciate this about me.  This series may be one that doesn’t fly off the shelf because they are so specific, but they are here when you’re ready for them!
  3. ALLSTARS collaboration-DHD often does collaborations and so  I started a sports one with Jennifer Donegan from ImagineNation and found it was too big to for two digital paper kits.  We have decided to extend the collaboration until we’ve covered many of the popular sports.  What does that mean?   We’ll find out together, but the baseball & basketball kits are available today.  Swimming and cheerleading paper  kits will be added sometime next week.

Stay tuned for all that’s to come! I feel like here’s where I need a tag line: signing off.  Any ideas on if I should have a signature style to end my posts?


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