How to Create Simple Paper Flowers


Try these simple paper flowers for a splash of color to brighten up a room.  Any paper will work.  I printed my own using digital scrapbooking paper files.  Doing it this way I was able to mix and match the front  and back of the paper so each petal is unique.


  • 2 sided patterned paper
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • glue and binder clip, optionalmaterials


  1. Cut petals and leaves from the patterned paper.  Cut a petal shape with a tail, see image below.  I started by cutting 2 petals from one sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper.  Make them progressively smaller.  I ended by cutting 5/6 petals out of one sheet of paper.  I didn’t use a template because I wanted each of the petals slightly different. In total I had 12-15 petals and 3 leaves. petal-and-crinkle
  2. Ball and crinkle up each petal/leaf.  This creates texture on the paper and brings life to the petal/leaves. Unfold petals.
  3. Starting with 3 of the smallest petals gather and pinch the bases and staple together.flower-building
  4. Rotate the petals around the cluster from step 3, continue stapling petals to each other.
  5. Carry on until the flower is as full as desired or there are no more petals to add.
  6. Finish by stapling on the
  7. If you want to hide the staples, glue the leaves into place.  Use a binder clip to hold leaves into place until the glue dries.

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