How to fill a blank canvas…

Artist block. Writers block. Brain overload.

What do you do when you cannot think of anything creative to do?

It’s the worst feeling when you have art supplies to use, a block of time for creating and then nothing happens. Sometimes a material such as paper seems too lovely to cut into. Other times the fear of not creating that perfect object paralyses creativity. Or, you don’t know how to translate what you are envisioning into reality.

Just keep working | change colors | meditate | read | do something  different | complete a challenge or a contest | find someone to keep you accountable | brainstorm | look at art | listen to music

Unfortunately there is no cure-all for artists block. Every artist I know has their own creative process which includes their own way to overcomes writers block.

For me the trick usually is to just keep making. Sometimes I just need to create without any concept. Sometimes I need to experiment with other media. Sometimes I need to set a drawing schedule. Sometimes I just need a vacation!

I just participated in Design House Digital’s June House Party. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is a monthly event where digital scrapbook designers are given a color scheme and topic, then must design using these two guidelines. Resulting in a bunch of coordinating scrapbooking kits. I had fun with the June collection, Whimsy!


Fill Your Canvas with Unthinkable Joy

I started my spread using papers and the template from Inkling and Wit, but I couldn’t find a photograph that captured the inspiration from the layout. I was stuck. As you can see I never got out of my creative block. There is no picture completing the layout. Oh well. In the struggle for creativity… sometimes you just loose. Not everything you do will be your best design.

My advice, just keep working.  Try some of these ideas…

Go out get a Whimsy House Party Kit, or other art materials and just create. If you like my layout and want to re-create it all everything is available. Buy between June 1 – 5 and all house party kits are 30% off.

Make a simple pocket journal using one 12″ x 12″ sheet of scrapbook paper, regular printer paper, some thread and a needle, and double stick tape.


Spice up a flower arrangement by making some paper flowers.  I made this one from my Whimsy Scrapbooking Kit and my Amuse Digital Papers.


If you want more inspiration continue along the DHD June House Party Blog Hop.  There are lots of great ideas tips and advice.  Up next Melissa Marti.

next stop

What about you? What do you like to do when you’re in a rut?


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17 responses to “How to fill a blank canvas…

  1. Great blog Whitney – hope you find that photo as its gorgeous page so far 🙂 Love your pocket journal too – on my ever increasing project list!

  2. Great thoughts of artist block. I feel like I go through it every month and have to just keep scrapping (just keep scrapping…) in order to get out of it.

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  5. Whitney, I had a really bad case of “programmers’s block” a couple of years back. It’s a tough thing to overcome! You have a lot of great suggestions. What a nice little journal 🙂 And I love the paper flowers!

  6. Great blog Whitney. 😉 How lovely the pocket journal is. When I have writer’s block, I stop writing and create something fun or scrap to amuse my mind. When I have artist’s block, I listen to music. lol!

  7. This is wonderful! If I don’t have the “right” photo for a layout I want to make, I make it a point to go out and take that photo! 🙂 Yes, I’m one of “those” scrappers who will take photos or dress her kids in colors that will coordinate with kits I want to use. 🙂 Looks like a trip to the beach is in your future – that would be a beautiful photo in there!

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