Is Food an Art Form?

I like food.  I like trying new flavors and cuisines.  I like enjoying a meal with friends and family.  I have had some wonderful meals.  The kind that leaves someone saying “that chef is an artist.” A master of flavors mixed with science leaving us drooling for more. But is cooking and expression of imagination? What I question is the definition of art.


Has the word art become like that infamous 4-letter word?  Synonymous with everything or in this case any form of self-expression.

Now, I believe there is creativity in the kitchen.   I myself started decorating cakes as a creative outlet that wouldn’t end up on my transcript. I also believe creativity can be found in many unique ways but…

When does creativity become art? Can’t it just be an act not a finished product?


So this rather grave post is the first stop on the Supporting Artists Team Blog Hop.  If you’ve read some of my other posts, you might realize I have a tendency towards philosophy.  Challenging semantics interests me.  What I really like about food is that it is necessary.  Our need for nourishment has created a sense of try, try again when it comes to food.  If one bakes a bad cake; try again.  This philosophy works for those that don’t cook too.  Eat at a bad restaurant; you’ll find a better one or at least go back hoping it will be better.

I think artists, crafters and doers should note this lesson: try, try again.  Many of us have learned this mantra, but if you’re just starting out one bad painting can be the end.  If you want to create; create.

Hopefully now you’re inspired to keep trying and going.  The next stop in this hop is the Crazy Elephant.

Oh, and my letter is S…for the start of the hop.


8 responses to “Is Food an Art Form?

  1. I think that creating is an Art. I will now think of making food as an art. It really is amazing what people can come up with and create for a meal or snack.

  2. love this post–and yes, I do believe that the act of creating and being creative is more important for the maker, than the end result….each process becomes a learning experience, while the end result is simply an object. Thank you Whitney, for this inspiring, thoughtful post.

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